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Product Type Technical Process Platforms
Retail Appliances Gas infuser appliance for beverages (patent app) / Pod espresso machine with foam delivery (Verismo) / High speed coffee extraction appliance / Chilled display cases for 11,000 stores
Mnf Process equipment Toast oven redesign for new product & yield increase / High speed chip transfer and molding system (3 patents) / Reduced oil tortilla chip process (patented)
Coffee Roasting, grinding, extraction and aroma recovery / Dairy spray drying / Carbonation system / High pressure extraction
Snacks Controls and optics systems / Potato, grain, meal processing & pneumatic transfer / cooking, soaking, sheeting, extrusion, baking, frying, drying, milling, seasoning, slicing, molding, toasting / Milled corn storage, pneumatic transfer, extrusion, frying, cheese slurry application / Oil storage with atmospheric control / Manufacturing quality control systems / High pressure and temperature steam stripping / Potato peel, slice, wash and starch recovery / Batch frying / Fryer controls and heat-exchanger design / Material and product transfer systems
Bakery Mixing, depositing, dividing, moulding and topping / Extrusion, lamination, icing, baking, enrobing and oil shearing / Filling injection and blast freezing / Pretzel dough extrusion, caustic wash and baking
Confectionary Slurry mix, continuous cook, form, cut and package / Thin film evaporator tube exchanger cooking
Spirits and Beer Distillation, filtration and flavoring
Cereal Milling, cooking, sheeting, drying and coating / Freeze dried fruit and global transport
Packaging Product and packaging overwrap / Poly bag form, fill and seal / Bottle wash, fill, seal and label / Dairy high temperature aseptic fill