Founder’s Bio

Innovator, ReleaseGENIUS


Steven T. Chandler – Founder & President of ReleaseGENIUS

ReleaseGENIUS is based on Steve’s mission to create environments where people can release their genius and achieve things they never thought possible.  Combined with his technical and business acumen he is able to create successful new product development strategies.


ReleaseGENIUS Method (RGM) is a unique methodology Steve developed for leading innovation.  The fundamental principles of this approach results in successful strategies delivering innovative technical solutions.

Steve’s grounded passion inspires possibilities along with delivering results.

The passion, drive and insightfulness Steve possesses resulted in over 200 products and eight breakthrough innovations at five Fortune 500 companies (Frito-Lay, Sara-Lee, Diageo, Kellogg, and Starbucks).

Steve’s Track Record

Tostitos Scoops! – Led complex development of high speed three dimensional scooped tortilla chip form and invention manufacturing process.  Three patents acquired in the areas of; product shape, processing equipment, and manufacturing process.  Product grosses over $1B in revenue.

Lay’s Potato Chip Reformulation –  Led reformulation of second largest food brand ($2.1 billion).  Only second reformulation in 60 years, delivered best tasting potato chip in America validated through consumer research, achieved revenue increase of 10% from $2.1B to $2.25B in one year.

Reduced Fat Doritos – Achieved 30% less fat Doritos through formulation and manufacturing process equipment invention.  First year revenue exceeded $100 million.

Microwave Dough to Crusted  Bread – Delivered raw dough that expanded, rose, browned, crusted, and smelled fresh baked after microwaving.

Commercial Coffee Brewing Equipment Reinvented – New design improved quality and significantly reduced costs by reducing coffee waste.

Carbonation Infuser – Beverage equipment invention created and delivered to enable new beverage platform.  Currently in test market.

Bottle Design Window Model – Invented method for designing new bottle shapes which avoided manufacturing retooling costs of $1,000,000 per design.