Invention Portfolio


Tostitos Scoops! – scooped tortilla chip form, required inventions in three areas; product shape, processing equipment, and manufacturing process.  Four patents resulted and now single product grosses over $1B in revenue.

Lay’s Potato Chip Reformulation –  only second formula change in 50 years, delivered best tasting potato chip in America validated through consumer research, increased sales 10%  to $2.25B.

Tostitos Process – Invented oven design modification to enable production of new products on 30 manufacturing lines while also increasing Tostitos ($1B revenue) manufacturing efficiency by 25%.

Reduced Fat Doritos – Achieved 30% less fat Doritos through invention of new formulation, process equipment, and manufacturing process.  Achieved first year revenue greater than $100 million.

Microwave Dough to Crusted  Bread – Delivered raw dough that expanded, rose, browned, crusted, and smelled fresh baked after microwaving.

Commercial Coffee Brewing Equipment Reinvented – New technical design and equipment invention achieved that provided improved quality and significantly reduced costs through reduced coffee waste.

Carbonated Beverage Infusion – Beverage Crafting equipment invention created and delivered to enable new beverage platform.  Product and equipment market test currently in progress.

Bottle Design Window Model – Invented method and process interpretation model that enables creative agencies to design more cost effective new Spirit’s product bottle shapes.  Manufacturing parts reduced by $1 million.